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Transsexual Money Mistress




•TS Moneymistress Tanja•




Exklusiv nur für meine persönlichen Paypigs:

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Registration for Miss Tanya's slaves Stall (Memberarea)

The slave-tribute comes in the first month of membership to Euro 35.-
Afterwards, loyal slave slaves get a price reduction of 1 Euro, 6 months each month.
The tribute for tribal slaves is then 29.- monthly

I am not an extortionist and whoever believes to leave the slaves is free to do so at any time:
Payment is made via NetDebit (one of Germany's leading online online calculators) by means of account debiting (Germany, Austria) or credit card (also international). The booking text is completely neutral. The monthly subscription (35.-) can be terminated at any time (in the login window is a button "cancel the ABO?").

You will receive the access data (login and password) by e-mail after registration. If you have set the spam filter so that the mail can not arrive, you can also request the access data at the


SM-Topliste Dekadenz

Cruel Women Top

And last but not least my Amazon wish list for my little Paypig slaves.
As a slave You mail a corresponding Amazon-Voucher
at my email address: transe_tanja@yahoo.de





Photos of me with the gifts are posted by me here and on my Twitter page online.

Amazon gift voucher for Mistress Tanja:

Paypigs are allowed to send a nude photo to the gift voucher if they want to be presented on my website as my Paypig slaves. In the photo, you will be able to write your first name and "Paypig von Miss Tanja" on your skin or on a note that you have in front of you. The face must not be visible.